Question 1/10

"I think you ought to see the doctor," Jo said to me. Jo … me to see the doctor.

Question 2/10

"Don't play with matches or you'll burn yourself," Sally said to her son. Sally … her son not to play with matches.

Question 3/10

"Shall we invite the neighbours to the party?" John asked me. "Yes, ok I said." I … to invite the neighbours to the party.

Question 4/10

"Please, please, please help me! I'm desperate!" the man said to us. The man … us to help him.

Question 5/10

"Don't worry! You can rely on me - I'll sort out the problem," Jane said. Jane … to sort out the problem.

Question 6/10

"Don't forget to call the dentist's!" I said to him. I … him to call the dentist's.

Question 7/10

"I'll carry your case for you," my son said. My son … to carry my case.

Question 8/10

"Shut up and sit down!" the soldier said to them. The soldier … them to shut up and sit down.

Question 9/10

"I won't speak to him," she said. She … to speak to him.

Question 10/10

"Would you like to go for a drink?" they said to us. They … us to go for a drink.