Question 1/10

Mr. Jones is now in charge of the *purchasing* department and you will all report directly to him.

Question 2/10

His *affluence* is obvious by the way he dresses and the different cars he drives.

Question 3/10

What's your main *aim* in life? What are you heading for?

Question 4/10

If we place an order today, when would you be able to *deliver* the goods?

Question 5/10

Please have a seat and have a look through a *magazine* whilst you're waiting for Mr. Jones to arrive.

Question 6/10

I'll have to ask my *parents* about this weekend before saying yes definitely.

Question 7/10

I can't stand talking about *politics* when we are invited for dinner at a friend's house.

Question 8/10

I'd like to inform you all that Paul Taggart has now officially been *replaced* by myself.

Question 9/10

I've heard that the fashion store is having a massive *sale* next week. Shall we go together?

Question 10/10

When I'm older I would really like to *travel* around the world.