Question 1/10

I'm not worried about my daughter going out with Paul. He's a very *sensible* person.

Question 2/10

Unfortunately, I won't be able to *attend* the conference as I'll be on holiday.

Question 3/10

I saw an *advertisement* in yesterday's paper for a job which really appeals to me.

Question 4/10

The climbing guide told us to go ahead with a lot of *caution*.

Question 5/10

The general rule in a *library* is for everybody to be silent.

Question 6/10

The *location* of our new headquarters will be announced at the next board meeting.

Question 7/10

Grandpa has gone upstairs to *rest* for a while.

Question 8/10

Could you close the door, please? What I have to say is rather *important*.

Question 9/10

Gosh!! I'm shattered. I've had a really long *journey*.

Question 10/10

Our office is equipped with really modern *furniture* so it's very comfortable.