Question 1/10

The flood caused great *damage* in the village and left many homes in a state of ruin and despair.

Question 2/10

The little boy screamed with delight when he discovered *minute* particles of gold dust in the sand.

Question 3/10

Jack decided to *retire* at the age of fifty-eight as his job was very demanding and stressful.

Question 4/10

My father has always had to take special medication for his poor blood *circulation*.

Question 5/10

Did you have any particular *fabric* in mind for your outfit - linen, silk, cotton, for example?

Question 6/10

We use a few different *suppliers* in order to keep our options open.

Question 7/10

After reading the book, we had to write a detailed description of our favourite *character*.

Question 8/10

What do you think about my new *suit*? Do you like it?

Question 9/10

This invoice is far too high. They've *charged* me for the double of everything I actually received.

Question 10/10

If you prefer shopping in the huge department *stores*, then you're best to go to the new out-of-town centre.