Question 1/10

This little shop is really well equipped in household *commodities* such as pans, plates, dishes, etc.

Question 2/10

We prefer to pay a little more to have a totally *comprehensive* insurance cover against all risks.

Question 3/10

You cannot pass your exams without working, so don't *deceive* yourself.

Question 4/10

Jack was very badly *injured* in a car accident last year, and he's still not fully recovered.

Question 5/10

Don't forget to put some *petrol* in the tank on your way home, will you?

Question 6/10

The boat was smashed to *pieces* on the rocks during the terrible storm.

Question 7/10

Your prompt action *prevented* a serious accident.

Question 8/10

Don't forget to take your *cagoule* in case it rains this afternoon.

Question 9/10

Where's mum? She'll be here in a minute. She's *parking* the car.

Question 10/10

So, now everybody has had a coffee, let's *resume* from where we left off before the break.