Question 1/10

Shall I carry one of your *baskets* for you? They look very heavy.

Question 2/10

John's has been studying really hard for the last 2 months so he should easily *pass* his exams.

Question 3/10

Sarah: Did you go to Paris yesterday? John: Well *actually*, I didn't. The trip was cancelled.

Question 4/10

Last month's *figures* are a big improvement on the previous month.

Question 5/10

Did you happen to *notice* if Mr. Johnson was in his office when you walked past there?

Question 6/10

Let's get started. The first item on today's *agenda* is the sales figures from June.

Question 7/10

I hadn't seen Paul for ages, but then I bumped into him *by chance* last week at the concert.

Question 8/10

I've got some good news everybody. Frank and I have just got *engaged*.

Question 9/10

The Manager reassured us that the *issue* was being dealt with and would soon be resolved.

Question 10/10

Susan was so fed up of the poor working conditions that she decided to hand in her *notice*.