Question 1/10

This afternoon is a little bit *inconvenient*. Could we possibly meet up next week instead?

Question 2/10

The best *chefs* are said to be French.

Question 3/10

Guess what? I've just treated myself to the *complete* set of Shakespeare's works.

Question 4/10

Will passengers please note that there will be a *delay* of 2 hours for the train from Glasgow.

Question 5/10

The film was so sad that everybody *cried* at the end.

Question 6/10

Excuse me, have you got any *change* for a five pound note?

Question 7/10

After many hours of hard climbing, we *eventually* reached the top of the mountain.

Question 8/10

That remote island is *inhabited* only by birds.

Question 9/10

Every time we visit my grandparents, they always say "God *Bless* you" when it's time to leave.

Question 10/10

My husband has always been interested in *ancient* history, especially that of the Greek civilisation.