Question 1/10

Gosh! You're very *touchy* today. Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed or what?

Question 2/10

*Regarding* your suggestion about a Christmas party, I'm currently looking into a possible date .

Question 3/10

I'm really sorry but we have no *vacancies* at all for those particular dates.

Question 4/10

Dad said we're going to take a different *route* this time when we go down to the south - a quicker one!

Question 5/10

I'm sorry but I can't give you this *medicine* without a prescription.

Question 6/10

Your help has been *invaluable* to us.

Question 7/10

I like all types of fruit but I really do love *grapes*.

Question 8/10

Our doctor is a really nice man and extremely *gentle* with his patients.

Question 9/10

I see my friends all the time as we all live near each other on the same *housing* estate.

Question 10/10

My son has a really annoying *habit* of grinding his teeth when he's asleep.