Question 1/10

Could you hold the line please whilst I put you …?

Question 2/10

Entry-level administrative assistants often assist with …. work from executive administrative assistants.

Question 3/10

One of Julie's strengths is her capacity to …by assessing situations and determining urgency.

Question 4/10

Whilst teamwork is important in my position, I also have to …self-directed tasks when necessary.

Question 5/10

We've just had the green light to implement this action plan so I need someone reliable to …its progress very closely.

Question 6/10

Spending large amounts of time working on the computer, it is essential to have a suitable sitting position with the … at eye level.

Question 7/10

It's essential to … any visitors to the organization in a professional and friendly manner.

Question 8/10

It's very reassuring to have you to fall back on John. I know that if I ever forget something, I can always … you to remember.

Question 9/10

Occasional overtime is required in my job for which compensation is in the form of time off … of pay as negotiated with management.

Question 10/10

Many administrative job descriptions ask for a … of a foreign language.