Question 1/10

Our …for next year is very optimistic; the market is growing very quickly.

Question 2/10

John's …is extremely persuasive which helps to explain his outstanding results.

Question 3/10

All our …are strategically located near to large cities with easy access routes.

Question 4/10

As the domestic market is currently saturated, we've decided to …the product overseas.

Question 5/10

This …must come to an end soon. We really can't afford to drop our selling price any more to win market share.

Question 6/10

Some companies request a … to enable payment in advance of goods supplied.

Question 7/10

Every quarter there are … in sales; that is why we have a yearly sales objective.

Question 8/10

This year's … from South America is up more than 40% compared to last year.

Question 9/10

Sales representatives can boost their basic salary by earning … on their sales.

Question 10/10

The main …of the new perfume is its everlasting fragrance.