Question 1/10

As a ____, I manage investments for my clients, individuals or companies; my job is to get them the best return for their investment.

Question 2/10

The bank ___ us six hundred thousand dollars over 30 years at seven percent.

Question 3/10

One reason __ is to bring additional expertise as well as funding to your company, however a disadvantage is that the investors may want to control how you run the business.

Question 4/10

If you want to use somebody else's copyright or patent, you may have to pay them _____.

Question 5/10

__ is a good metric to evaluate profitability but does not represent cash flow.

Question 6/10

The department's __ were the same in 2009 as in 2008 due to the fact that we were able to stabilize our rent costs.

Question 7/10

So as to give a quick evaluation, banks often use ___ in order to predict how an individual can repay a new loan

Question 8/10

The directors of the company approve the ___at the end of the financial year.

Question 9/10

If any extra money is paid for the acquisition of a company which is above the value of its assets, then this is called ___.

Question 10/10

We'll have to find some way of legally accounting for the ___paid to one of our shareholders as this amount must not appear in any official document.