Question 1/10

Finance charges of twelve percent will ___ on the purchase from the beginning of the first unpaid credit bill.

Question 2/10

It is important for me to hold the bond for at least two years or __ so that I get an 8.35% return rate.

Question 3/10

Buyers can obtain protection against rising prices and sellers can obtain protection against declining prices by using the ___ .

Question 4/10

One method in a ___ is a proxy fight, in which a buyer tries to convince shareholders to vote out current management or board of directors and replace them with one which will accept the sale.

Question 5/10

If you are willing to take an enormous risk for loss but with a chance for huge gains, you should consider ___.

Question 6/10

Since the company has been in financial difficulty, we have received several __ which is causing some concern among our employees who fear the company will be sold.

Question 7/10

Acceptable __ make use of legal loopholes or tax breaks which encourage certain types of economic behaviour. Companies are generally searching for means to reduce the amount they pay to the state.

Question 8/10

It is very important to have a diversified financial ___, so as all your eggs are not in one basket.

Question 9/10

By owning two hundred __ of "Smith Industries", it gives me the right to vote on important company matters, including the board of directors.

Question 10/10

While the stock market has had dramatic losses recently, the __ still remains positive.