Question 1/10

The bank can be asked to pay the rent for the building automatically every month by ___.

Question 2/10

The drop in company assets between 2006 and 2007 can be explained by the ___ of the company shares.

Question 3/10

Unfortunately we cannot transfer any more money from our current account as the ___has already been reached.

Question 4/10

The company has negotiated an ___ which allows them to spend more than they actually have in the account.

Question 5/10

The Financial Manager is meeting with the bank tomorrow to go through the ___he noticed when checking the bank statement with the cash book.

Question 6/10

Companies and individuals now have the possibility of paying ___ fees online whenever a middleman successfully buys or sells their movable property.

Question 7/10

A company's balance sheet is positive when their ___outweigh their liabilities.

Question 8/10

When a company declares a __, it is stating what proportion of profits is to be divided among shareholders.

Question 9/10

A ___has to buy and sell stock within a very short period of time ensuring that when the session closes only liquid assets remain in the portfolio.

Question 10/10

We must finalize any outstanding accounts by Friday afternoon as the external ___is coming at the beginning of next week.