Question 1/10

The editor called everyday to remind the writer of the … date.

Question 2/10

… has it that you've got engaged. Tell me it isn't true.

Question 3/10

The prospects for a quick resolution to the conflict are …

Question 4/10

Stop … and get back to work!

Question 5/10

Upon returning to the building after the false bomb alarm, we found it hard getting … to work immediately.

Question 6/10

Please …. The interview will go fine. You'll see.

Question 7/10

Listen. This is strictly … the record and will go no further than this room. Okay?

Question 8/10

Just put all these files in a … for me and label it BNP.

Question 9/10

Will you call and ask if the auditorium is wheelchair …?

Question 10/10

She is our elected spokeswoman and … all of us.