Question 1/10

A programmer sometimes creates a … for troubleshooting.

Question 2/10

A …. is a hardware device which will convert a male connector to a female connector or vice versa.

Question 3/10

I'm fed up with this email account. It allows ……., and my inbox is always full of trash.

Question 4/10

A …. entered our website and changed all the graphics

Question 5/10

An …. is a small Java program that can be embedded in a HTML page.

Question 6/10

The amount of information which can be sent through a connection per second is referred to as the …….

Question 7/10

It's impossible to get your email because the attached file is too big. Can you please send a …. file?

Question 8/10

The pictures have a very good ….. You can zoom them and still see them very well.

Question 9/10

When several PC's or workstations are connected to a special computer, called the server, we call this a ….

Question 10/10

The … of your computer is not correct. You'll have to change some parameters.