Question 1/10

I'm in a meeting right now. I'll … you when I am free.

Question 2/10

This document is highly confidential, so it needs to be ….

Question 3/10

A … watches and evaluates network traffic.

Question 4/10

I had to download some … before being able to run the site.

Question 5/10

I have some …. programs in my computer. Their license expires in a month or so.

Question 6/10

A … is a place to store something temporarily.

Question 7/10

A LAN can be connected to another LAN that uses the same protocol such as Ethernet or Token ring via a …..

Question 8/10

In a computer operating system, a … is the route through a file system to a particular file.

Question 9/10

A … allows several devices or processes to function simultaneously without being held up.

Question 10/10

An end user may use a …. process to ensure that new equipment is functioning properly before putting it to regular use.