Question 1/10

All the neighbours were shocked when they discovered that a common friend had been arrested on a … of murder.

Question 2/10

The court awarded £ 5,000 in ... to the injured man.

Question 3/10

If a contract is not valid and doesn't have any legal force, then it is said to be … and void.

Question 4/10

The criminal's friends tried to persuade the witness to commit … when being questioned in court, but she refused.

Question 5/10

An offense for which the only sentence authorized is a fine is called a …

Question 6/10

A court order can put a ... on a case file in order to prevent the public from obtaining information on the case.

Question 7/10

All the formal statements and documents filed with the court by each party in a legal case are called …

Question 8/10

Whilst a … remains a punishable offense, it is less serious than a felony.

Question 9/10

The court has no … over foreign diplomats living in this country.

Question 10/10

The verdict is usually delivered to the court by an elected member of the jury called a …