Question 1/10

A general manager has to … all the company's operations so he/she needs to be aware of what's going on in each department.

Question 2/10

Why don't we …an initial draft of the contract now and we can then clarify any "grey areas" once the key elements have been agreed.

Question 3/10

I'm delighted to say that we're bang on schedule with the new concept. R&D are now at the …stage and after that we'll launch production.

Question 4/10

…techniques are commonly used in modern companies to reduce managers' stress and workload.

Question 5/10

Although the General Manager doesn't always …with our ideas, he always trusts our expert knowledge and experience, and lets us get on with our jobs.

Question 6/10

We'll have to …some extra temporary labour if we want to maintain the same rate of production over the summer period.

Question 7/10

John, could you please take The Savery File over from Paul? He's really got …at the moment.

Question 8/10

We're currently working on several different systems. The new communications tower is just one example of the many projects …

Question 9/10

In the absence of the Managing Director, I'm going to …today's board meeting, unless anybody has any objections.

Question 10/10

We can't depend on just one type of product to be successful. We need to …into other areas.