Question 1/10

Time's running short. Shall we move on to the next item in today's …

Question 2/10

Despite the amendments to working conditions being somewhat negative, they were accepted across the board due to tactful …

Question 3/10

After a lot of research, Paul is now ready to present a detailed … of the situation.

Question 4/10

I'm so busy … in other departments that I'm not making any headway at all with my own objectives.

Question 5/10

We are very lucky to have a … boss who is very close to his team and always ready to get involved if need be.

Question 6/10

During annual performance appraisals with employees, we always … for the oncoming year as well as reviewing targets achieved this year.

Question 7/10

I didn't have time to read through the details about today's meeting. Could you quickly … me as to what it is all about?

Question 8/10

If we take a look at the company's … we can clearly see all current business operations and the state of affairs.

Question 9/10

Let's… a date in our diaries for the next monthly meeting before we all get booked up with other commitments.

Question 10/10

Can we … of overtime at next week's meeting as I would really like the Human Resources Manager to be present.