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The ... inventory system, also known as Kanban, is a control method for keeping inventory costs to a minimum with frequently ordered but relatively small supplies.

Question 2/10

A current example of a consumer sales promotion is a …. whereby 2 related product items are sold together at a special price

Question 3/10

When launching new products, companies often opt for a …, as opposed to a national introduction, to minimise the risk and reduce the investment in production and marketing.

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… pricing is a marketing tool used to lure customers to a store or selling place because a specific item has been advertised at an unrealistically low price.

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We really don't have much scope for price flexibility this time as the … has been legally set so our market price must not drop below this limit.

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…. are a form of protectionism, imposed by law, on the quantity of a product which can be produced or imported

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The information that describes the needs, urges, drives, desires and impulses which direct a consumer's spending is known as … data.

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When restocking the display counter, please remove any items already on display where the … is now obsolete.

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An … premium is a type of sales promotion in which a small gift is included inside the package of a product to encourage consumers to buy it.

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In recent years, the role of … has been broadened, so that in addition to containment and protection, its purpose is to attract attention and assist in promotion.