Question 1/10

Customers usually buy something to save time or money. Offer them an opportunity to do both, and you will … your sales.

Question 2/10

Companies usually establish their final selling price by …the initial cost of the product.

Question 3/10

We've decided to hire a … to help us become familiar with the market in Portugal and to overcome the language barrier.

Question 4/10

I'm not satisfied with our current … channels. We need to review and improve the methods used to make our service available to the target market.

Question 5/10

The …. are the reasons consumers decide which products and services to purchase.

Question 6/10

In order for the holder of a new product to have the sole right to make, use or, sell it, the company needs to … which will prevent others from imitating the invention.

Question 7/10

Email has made … marketing very prevalent with tools such as "send this page, article or, website to a friend" thus encouraging "word-of-mouth" advertising.

Question 8/10

Our strong …for this particular product is a scientifically proven longer lasting fragrance.

Question 9/10

Market size can be reduced by potential customers being prevented from purchasing a particular product due to ….such as tariffs and legal restrictions.

Question 10/10

With the increased usage of …catalogues, customers can have goods shipped directly to them without having to actually go to stores themselves.