Question 1/10

To determine how successful a product will be by finding out the general public's tastes, a company needs to carry out …

Question 2/10

There is a large amount of … among sports brands, such as Adidas and Nike.

Question 3/10

…. refers to the public's perceptions and beliefs about a particular product.

Question 4/10

Giving away … of a specific item is a good marketing tool which allows consumers to test the product and spread the word around.

Question 5/10

We decided against going into Brazil as the threats outweighed the opportunities in our SWOT analysis, and the … was too high.

Question 6/10

Can you please update me on the current … for a 50cl bottle of pure fragrance so we know where we're heading.

Question 7/10

As the … for luxury products such as ours is currently saturated, we're trying to look for openings and opportunities abroad.

Question 8/10

Let's get together again before the … stage so that we can decide on any last minute alterations to be made before launching goes ahead.

Question 9/10

If export costs are so high, why don't we try to … the whole manufacturing process and do it locally?

Question 10/10

So, now that we know the price range with our competitors for such a product, we'll have to set our own … within this bracket.