Question 1/10

Jack's seriously thinking about …from his current position to take up a much more interesting position with one of our competitors.

Question 2/10

It's important to maintain satisfactory job performance throughout your career, otherwise you could be …

Question 3/10

The company suffered a few …last year due to the economic recession and the Human Resources Manager needed a lot of tact when confronting the individuals.

Question 4/10

…tests are often a part of an interview process to see if the applicant has the relevant skills and knowledge for the position, and/or the potential for acquiring more.

Question 5/10

A …is a statement that provides information about the job title, duties, equipment and materials, supervision, working conditions and hazards.

Question 6/10

Normally we can work extra hours, but there has been no…at all since demand for our products went down.

Question 7/10

Business people in countries with high levels of taxation say that there is no …to work because the government takes a big proportion of any extra income.

Question 8/10

It is true that our sales people get low basic pay but they can earn a lot of money in…

Question 9/10

They offered me the job but I rejected it in the end because the basic hourly …was just not high enough.

Question 10/10

The management has decided to …a pay increase of 2% for the whole workforce.