Question 1/10

Everyone is expected to arrive at the meeting …

Question 2/10

We hired an accountant to … the company's financial records.

Question 3/10

We decided not to rent that office, because it was not very …

Question 4/10

… have changed the face of the modern workplace.

Question 5/10

This store offers a wide … of office equipment.

Question 6/10

The storm caused a lot of damage to the building, and we had to buy new … for many of the windows.

Question 7/10

Dr. Smith is a well-respected expert and has … experience in her field.

Question 8/10

Mr. Jones … investing in that company, but he finally decided against it.

Question 9/10

We … each staff member to do his or her part to get this project completed on time.

Question 10/10

The current … of this office plans to leave before the end of the month.