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Choose the correct answer

Question 1/10

A small bed for a baby is called a …

Question 2/10

Toes are at the end of one's feet whereas … are at the end of one's hands.

Question 3/10

What's the weather …? It's hot and sunny.

Question 4/10

Shall we go out for dinner tonight? I can't cook anything as the … is broken.

Question 5/10

My flat is on the ground … in the block of flats so I never have to go up any stairs.

Question 6/10

A … is the name often given to a young child who is learning to walk.

Question 7/10

The opposite of tall is short and the opposite of good is …

Question 8/10

I have very little money in my purse. It's almost …

Question 9/10

We say one foot but two …

Question 10/10

Children's primary teeth are more commonly called their … teeth.