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Choose the correct answer

Question 1/10

What's he like? He …..

Question 2/10

Trevor is doing some …. on what our customers think of our products.

Question 3/10

Don't …… The situation is not as bad as you say it is.

Question 4/10

The company is spending too much money. Our … are too high.

Question 5/10

She isn't sure but she …. it will cost us about $10,000.

Question 6/10

The last exercise was the …….

Question 7/10

Have a look at our …. if you want to see the prices.

Question 8/10

Students won't be able to take notes if the teacher …. too fast.

Question 9/10

She's looking forward to …. her husband's parents.

Question 10/10

Would you prefer red or white wine? I don't mind. I like …..