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Choose the correct answer

Question 1/10

Paul failed his exam because he was caught …

Question 2/10

Please stop being so … to everybody. Your attitude is really not acceptable.

Question 3/10

In this classroom, each student has his/her own individual … to work at .

Question 4/10

We are going to have a big family picnic on Saturday. All my … will be there.

Question 5/10

John and Julie are going to get married this summer. They have planned the …. for August.

Question 6/10

I have a copy of the contract here in my …..

Question 7/10

We have many …. all over the world producing millions of products every year.

Question 8/10

David and I have been good friends for ages. Our … started way back at high school.

Question 9/10

My sister has just had a baby girl so I 'm now an ….

Question 10/10

My wife and I had to catch a train after the meeting. Nobody could take … home.