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Choose the correct answer

Question 1/10

This patient has been here before, so he should have a … Paul, could you please look to see if we have it?

Question 2/10

Diapers are more commonly known as … in British English.

Question 3/10

When companies or individuals buy in …, the prices are usually much lower than buying in small quantities.

Question 4/10

If you don't know how to get to my office, you can always look at the …

Question 5/10

I took her … and she had a very high fever.

Question 6/10

I'm going for a quick nap so as to be on form for tonight. I have to … a party with over a hundred guests.

Question 7/10

When I don't know what a specific word …, I always look it up in a dictionary.

Question 8/10

If you don't read the … before using the appliance for the first time, then you might just do something wrong.

Question 9/10

Appliances worn inside the mouth which correct the position of the teeth are called …

Question 10/10

The little boy fell off his bike but he very luckily escaped with just a few scratches and …