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Choose the correct answer

Question 1/10

As I am a senior …, I can travel with very cheap transport fares and entrance fees to various events and activities are often reduced.

Question 2/10

Where is the post office? Just at the end of this street, on your left. You can't … it.

Question 3/10

How often do you go sailing?

Question 4/10

Thank you for everything. ……..

Question 5/10

I don't have a job at the moment. I am …

Question 6/10

If you can change people's opinions, then you are said to be …

Question 7/10

My telephone number is 02 45 67 42 89. Did you get that? I think so. Can I just … it back to you to be sure?

Question 8/10

Let's take a look at the … to see what we're doing today. First, we start the day with a guided tour of the walled city and then………

Question 9/10

One of our rules for customer care is that all phone calls are to be answered … three rings.

Question 10/10

"Have a safe journey," does NOT mean …….