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Choose the correct answer

Question 1/10

Headquarters wants to … business to Tunisia where local labour is very cheap.

Question 2/10

I am really proud of my children. They've adapted really well to … in a foreign country.

Question 3/10

Time's running short. Shall we move on to the next item in today's …?

Question 4/10

What is the price is the same as how much does it …?

Question 5/10

What … do you have at the end of June for a family of 4?

Question 6/10

Do you think you can … this complaint or shall I ask somebody else to deal with it?

Question 7/10

At the moment, my workload is pretty … so I can take on a few more tasks if that will help you.

Question 8/10

Secondary school pupils in England … secondary school pupils in France. We can list a great number of differences.

Question 9/10

Why don't you go to see the manager to complain … the building work around the swimming pool?

Question 10/10

To make a mixed salad, you … lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, grated carrots and any other raw vegetable you want to add.