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Choose the correct answer

Question 1/10

Paul works eight hours a day , from seven o'clock in the morning … four o'clock in the afternoon with an hour for lunch.

Question 2/10

Charles Dickens … born in 1812.

Question 3/10

Some teenagers only like wearing modern and … clothes.

Question 4/10

That chocolate cake you … was just wonderful.

Question 5/10

… borrow your pencil please?

Question 6/10

London is famous … many different things.

Question 7/10

I'm bored. … going to watch a good film at the cinema?

Question 8/10

That picture is really … and bright. It will really cheer up our dark lounge.

Question 9/10

I don't want to wear my skirt for school again today as I've already … it three times this week.

Question 10/10

Jill's terrified … the dark. She can't get to sleep without having her bedside light left on.