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Choose the correct answer

Question 1/10

Bob became a builder ... an architect because he failed most of his exams.

Question 2/10

You're impossible! I can't ... your attitude any longer.

Question 3/10

Marry you???!! But I ... know you!

Question 4/10

Jane promised that she ... to the conference.

Question 5/10

We are destroying our ... at a very fast pace.

Question 6/10

Let me pay for your dinner, Peter. I can put it ... as "entertaining business contacts".

Question 7/10

McDonalds have outlets ... world.

Question 8/10

... the company is making huge profits, salaries are very low.

Question 9/10

Look at James! He's just got married, has a nice new house and car and...

Question 10/10

Charles isn't in the office. He... for the airport already.