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Choose the correct answer

Question 1/10

We often spend a day by the sea by way of a brief …from the stress of work.

Question 2/10

I'm sorry Sir, but the hotel is full. We don't have any … until the end of next week.

Question 3/10

Waiter, is service … in this price please?

Question 4/10

Drug addicts can suffer from severe … symptoms if they cease to take a specific drug.

Question 5/10

David is only 20 but he's very … for his age.

Question 6/10

Brian told me that he … never get married.

Question 7/10

Wendy is really annoying. She … about something or other.

Question 8/10

A … is someone who helps couples to try to solve their marital problems.

Question 9/10

Janet prefers watching movies at home … going to the cinema.

Question 10/10

We … tennis when it started to rain.