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Choose the correct answer

Question 1/10

A … is a knitted jacket with buttons or a zip fastener.

Question 2/10

A garment for women consisting of a skirt and a blouse together in one piece or material is called a …

Question 3/10

… is an underwater activity practiced without any apparatus.

Question 4/10

A prescription enables one to pick up some medicine from the …

Question 5/10

Football is called … in America.

Question 6/10

This meeting is getting nowhere. Why don't we have a quick coffee …?

Question 7/10

Let's not cry over … There's nothing we can do about it now.

Question 8/10

Jane has won the lottery three times in ten years. Wow!! She's a … girl.

Question 9/10

My son won the competition. I am really … of him.

Question 10/10

Are you … with the terms and conditions in the contract?