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Choose the correct answer

Question 1/10

You ... listened to me. It's all my fault – I'm so sorry.

Question 2/10

Paul... a doctor if he'd studied harder.

Question 3/10

Hopefully this time tomorrrow... in our new house.

Question 4/10

You broke that vase ... didn't you? Just because you didn't like it.

Question 5/10

What a mess! Your appartment really needs ...

Question 6/10

Maybe I'm stupid but I really can't ... how to turn on the electric heating.

Question 7/10

Which of the following words is a verb and a noun?

Question 8/10

... in the country is considered by many to be better than in a city.

Question 9/10

If I ... about the dangers, I wouldn't have gone there alone.

Question 10/10

I'd rather... this evening.