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Choose the correct answer

Question 1/10

If you want to get fit, it's worth ... in a good exercise bicycle.

Question 2/10

... you and me, I think Paul is crazy to give up his job.

Question 3/10

As soon as you put the phone down, you ... pack your bags and leave.

Question 4/10

Sorry for shouting at you. Sometimes I just get ... and I can't stop myself.

Question 5/10

The Queen is a ...

Question 6/10

I regret ... you that your application has not been successful.

Question 7/10

What's the latest score in the tennis ...?

Question 8/10

It's ... to Agassi in the final set.

Question 9/10

It's important to do some ... at least twice a week.

Question 10/10

Queen Elizabeth I was the only English Queen ...