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Choose the correct answer

Question 1/10

Harry wanted to freshen up his bedroom so he asked a decorator to paint it. He ….. his bedroom painted.

Question 2/10

Sarah hasn't been looking very well lately. I am very concerned ….. her.

Question 3/10

Nobody was expecting that reply from Bill. His remark came totally out of the ……

Question 4/10

Joyce was talking about doing a parachute jump for her 30th birthday, but in the end she got cold……..

Question 5/10

My parents insisted that Jack ……. for lunch.

Question 6/10

Spring seems to have started very early this year. All the ….. have already blossomed into beautiful flowers.

Question 7/10

The bank refuses to lend me any more money as my account is always in the ….

Question 8/10

We have a really …. atmosphere at work so everyone is allowed to wear jeans.

Question 9/10

The football match was called ….. due to bad weather conditions.

Question 10/10

After hard negotiations, they have agreed to a ……..