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Choose the correct answer

Question 1/10

Jim, could you have a look at this please? Apparently the answer is incorrect but I still can't … where I've gone wrong.

Question 2/10

When the interviewer asked me to name my main … and weaknesses, I didn't know what to say.

Question 3/10

I so wish I could play tennis as well as Paul. I'm really … of him.

Question 4/10

Please take no notice of the previous report. This one here is the one that contains the … information. (=true)

Question 5/10

That's the last …! I'm not having any more of this dreadful behaviour. You've gone too far.

Question 6/10

If our demands are not … we will have to take further action.

Question 7/10

You really are so …! You should know by now how sensitive your sister is. Please pay more attention to what you say.

Question 8/10

There are many benefits with alternative medicine but there are also one or two …

Question 9/10

Charles has … to be a lot like his father.

Question 10/10

The workers have a number of … to air.