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Find the synonym

Question 1/10

My brother works in the centre of London and he always takes the *tube* to go to work.

Question 2/10

Can you pass me a *clip* please so that I can attach these pieces of paper together?

Question 3/10

Would you like a drink? Thanks, I'll have a *scotch* on the rocks please.

Question 4/10

*Society* has a right to see law-breakers punished.

Question 5/10

I've always been a Manchester United *supporter* ever since I was six years old.

Question 6/10

I don't know what I've done to upset Susan. She was there last night but she totally *ignored* me.

Question 7/10

I used to love chemistry and physics as we always did many practical *experiments*.

Question 8/10

Now that John has apologized, I am quite *content*.

Question 9/10

I would like to make a *tentative* suggestion whilst we're waiting for the final results to come through.

Question 10/10

My first name is Paul and my *surname* is Wellington.