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Find the synonym

Question 1/10

Interviews will be given strictly by *appointment* only.

Question 2/10

I love exploring underground *caves* during my free time with my children.

Question 3/10

Did you manage to open the *file* I attached to the email or not?

Question 4/10

I knew as soon as I went into the bedroom that the children were only *pretending* to be asleep.

Question 5/10

Everybody must be dressed and ready to go on *stage* by seven o'clock at the latest.

Question 6/10

I can readily recommend this hotel for its excellent and modern *facilities*.

Question 7/10

Jennifer skates and skies really well as she has an excellent sense of *balance*.

Question 8/10

The government is implementing some *effective* measures in order to reduce unemployment.

Question 9/10

*Refuse* collectors often work very early in the morning or late at night.

Question 10/10

The Beauty *Contest* will be judged by the official panel at the end of the evening wear parade.