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Question 1/10

They wished they ………(never leave) their country.

Question 2/10

Dr. Edwards behaves as if he…..(be) in charge of the situation. (but he is not)

Question 3/10

It's high time you ….(ask) for a promotion.

Question 4/10

If only my sister…..(be) here. Everything would be much easier.

Question 5/10

Supposing you …(get) your money back soon. Would you invest it there again?

Question 6/10

I wish I ….(be) in Miami now. The beaches, the sun, the sea!!! It would be great.

Question 7/10

I can accept a check, but I'd rather you …(pay) me in cash.

Question 8/10

Imagine you …(live) in the countryside. How would you feel?

Question 9/10

I'd prefer it if Mary …..(not cook) tonight.Her cooking is really not up to much!

Question 10/10

You look as if you ….(just meet) an alien.