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Question 1/10

The way you dress is an important part of the impression you …

Question 2/10

… sure that you note down everything the instructor says.

Question 3/10

Can you … me know as soon as possible please?

Question 4/10

Nobody … anything about the extra charge. I didn't know anything about it.

Question 5/10

Hotel guests … entitled to a discount at the City Aquarium.

Question 6/10

The city … a number of fine museums, including the National History Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts.

Question 7/10

Please … attention to what I'm saying.

Question 8/10

… any kind of fancy footwear when you go for an interview.

Question 9/10

Why don't you … The Green Garden Café a try next time you are down town.

Question 10/10

This project provides young professionals with the opportunity to … work experience abroad.