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Verb Forms/Auxiliaries

Question 1/10

Last week I … shopping in London.

Question 2/10

Pamela … a film yesterday evening.

Question 3/10

Where … you go? We went to Spain.

Question 4/10

How did the concert go last weekend? It … absolutely wonderful.

Question 5/10

I own my house. I … it two years ago.

Question 6/10

When I was a child I … to become a pilot but I discovered that I was scared of heights.

Question 7/10

I was so thirsty after running that I … a whole bottle of water in one go.

Question 8/10

My mother had a headache yesterday so she … at home instead of going to work.

Question 9/10

Sorry I'm late. There was a bus strike so I …to walk all the way to work.

Question 10/10

My brother … ride a bike at the age of four but I learnt to ride one when I was six.