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Question 1/10

I didn't study for the test and I didn't pass. I regret … for the test.

Question 2/10

I'm thinking back to when I kissed a boy for the first time. I remember … a boy for the first time.

Question 3/10

Your pet dog has died and I have to give you the news. I regret … you that your dog has died.

Question 4/10

Everyone was talking about the boss when he walked in. What did everybody do? They stopped …. about him.

Question 5/10

Jayne pushed up on the window but it wouldn't open. She tried …. the window.

Question 6/10

Somebody broke into my house because I didn't remember … the door.

Question 7/10

We were very tired and needed to rest. We stopped …

Question 8/10

She opened the window to see if that would make the room more comfortable. She tried … the window.

Question 9/10

I've already seen that film and if you want an honest opinion, it's really not worth .... there's no action at all.

Question 10/10

When was the last time you denied … something wrong that you actually did.