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Word forms

Question 1/10

Although his work is not brilliant, it is nevertheless …

Question 2/10

After what you did, the only thing you can ask for is ….

Question 3/10

The marketing department predicts that changes in consumer preferences will … the development of a new marketing plan.

Question 4/10

She believes that scientific research should only be carried out in cases where it will benefit …

Question 5/10

In spite of the politician's attempt to … his opponent, it was his opponent who won the election.

Question 6/10

Most newspapers aren't willing to carry out … reporting because it is very time-consuming and expensive.

Question 7/10

He used to follow baseball religiously, but since he became a father he has lost all … in the sport.

Question 8/10

The factory employees tried to … their working environment by giving names to all the robots and computers.

Question 9/10

In order to determine what happened the police will conduct a thorough …

Question 10/10

Market research tries to determine what variables most influence customer …