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Conjunctions & Linking Words

Question 1/10

… she was exhausted, she still continued to study.

Question 2/10

He failed to repay his debts, … he was refused further credit by his bank.

Question 3/10

He is actually quite fit, … being a little overweight.

Question 4/10

Don't go out … the rain has stopped.

Question 5/10

He's such a fat man … he finds it difficult to climb stairs.

Question 6/10

I watched TV … Stephen did the dishes.

Question 7/10

The first exercise was easy … this one is very difficult.

Question 8/10

She's very arrogant … people still like her.

Question 9/10

You won't hear what I'm saying … you keep quiet.

Question 10/10

We don't have any money … we can't buy anything.