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Conjunctions & Linking Words

Question 1/10

… substantial layoffs, costs were reduced.

Question 2/10

Many workers can't use computers; … training is required.

Question 3/10

Ambition, talent … desire are ingredients for success.

Question 4/10

Costs should be cut; … the number of staff positions will be reduced.

Question 5/10

… Mr. Hague finished the job interview, he felt relieved.

Question 6/10

The pay checks will be delivered … they arrive from the accounting department.

Question 7/10

We will not send the payment … the invoice is corrected.

Question 8/10

Mrs. Wilson was fired … she always arrived late and never finished her work on time.

Question 9/10

… Mr. Lee works very hard and always meets his deadlines, he still hasn't been given a promotion.

Question 10/10

… the seminar, the audience had trouble hearing the speaker.