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Conjunctions & Linking Words

Question 1/10

…….. Jack was only fifty-five years old, he retired from his company.

Question 2/10

You'll understand this topic …… you pay attention.

Question 3/10

The first exam was very easy ….. the second one was much more difficult.

Question 4/10

….. you pass the entrance test, you won't be admitted unless you fulfill other requirements.

Question 5/10

We decided not to go to the beach …… of the heavy rain.

Question 6/10

I usually prepare the evening meal …… my husband looks after the children.

Question 7/10

I am working over time this week …….. I can have some free time with my parents next week.

Question 8/10

……. his streaming cold, Mr. Jones was still present all day long at school.

Question 9/10

I really love coffee ….. I never drink it after 4 p.m. in case it prevents me from getting to sleep.

Question 10/10

We lost touch with one another very quickly ……. our deep and long standing friendship.