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Fill in the blank

Question 1/10

We are waiting for the committee's … of the new plan to start developing a green zone around the city centre.

Question 2/10

I am sorry for causing so much … with my demands.

Question 3/10

The travel agent's … is to book all tickets in advance.

Question 4/10

Throughout her … Susan wanted to become an air hostess but when she grew up she changed her mind.

Question 5/10

Jack was bitterly … with the mark he got on the exam.

Question 6/10

Is there any real evidence supporting your … ?

Question 7/10

Students are not allowed to take this book home as it is for … only.

Question 8/10

I found a job too far away from my … so I decided to move.

Question 9/10

Even though Julie had excellent academic … she still found it very hard to get a job.

Question 10/10

Children need a lot of … at all times.