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Question 1/10

All employees received a bonus at the end of the year as net *profit* had increased by 6%.

Question 2/10

I'm not doing anything in particular. Can I *assist* at all?

Question 3/10

Customers will be impressed by the *expertise* of our highly trained employees.

Question 4/10

Susan never expressed any *sympathy* when I was injured.

Question 5/10

I'd advise you to take the *larger* suitcase with all the stuff you've got to put in.

Question 6/10

So, tell me in a few sentences what you actually *achieved* on your placement abroad.

Question 7/10

Would you mind *checking* to see if I've made any mistakes in my letter?

Question 8/10

Wet roads are a real *hazard* to drivers.

Question 9/10

This situation is totally outrageous. I am extremely angry and I *demand* my money back.

Question 10/10

University students don't have many *lectures* as they are supposed to work a lot on their own.